AUM with the biggest fish

After a mediocre morning bite, a slow grind had set in on the Top 5. AUM with the biggest fish of the day this morning at about 6 pounds, but Young Harris with the most action connecting with a 10 pound limit already. Painfully slow for the rest of the field, but each bite is huge at this stage of the game, even the little ones. Of course everyone wants to win the National Championship today but more than anything no one wants to finish 5th. 5th place is the odd man out so to speak as the Top 4 teams from today will be divided up and place individually into a single elimination bracket held in conjunction with the Elite Series Toyota All-Star Week in late September. The winner of the Carhartt College Series Bracket moves on to the Bassmaster Classic. So it's not all about winning today, but all about not losing.

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