So how much weight does Shaye Baker need to be truly safe today? Well, a 35-pound catch is within the realm of possibility on Okeechobee -- it's happened before -- but realistically 23 or 24 pounds should do it. That would mean that Chad Morgenthaler would need 30 pounds or better to catch him, and there's only been one bag like that this week. Everyone else is at least 9 or 10 pounds back. That's going to take some real heroics -- like at least two bass over 7 pounds and three others weighing 5 or better. It can be done, but it hasn't been done this week.


Meanwhile, every keeper Baker puts in his boat and every time he culls puts more pressure on the rest of the field. They have to be encouraged that his catch on Day 2 was 10 pounds less than on the first day. Unfortunately for the other contenders, no one was really able to make up any ground yesterday. Today's their last chance.

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