The Medlock Jig

Steve Wright reported a little earlier that Shaye Baker is flippin' a black and blue Medlock jig this morning. I wonder if it's the same Medlock Double Guard Jig that Ish Monroe used here in March of 2012 to win the Elite Series tournament. Either way, that bait has produced a lot of fish and a lot of prize money over the past few years.


I can see how the double weedguards protect the hook from hang-ups, but Ish told me that the balance of the jig and the trailer he was using (Da Bomb from Missile Baits) gave it a tantalizing fall that the bass couldn't resist. According to Steve Wright, Baker is fishing a Medlock jig with a Strike King Rage Craw trailer (black and blue to match the jig).


Whatever he's doing, it's worked for two days. Will it hold up?

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