How can 470,000 acres fish small?

It's hard to believe that 470,000 surface acres can fish small for a 49-boat tournament, but it happens here at Okeechobee. As you can see from BASSTrakk, most of the competitors are in the same general area, and during the course of the fishing day they'll likely see each other on the water.


Shaye Baker had his key spot mostly to himself on Day 1 -- at least while he was there. Other anglers were there earlier or later on Day 1, but not at the same time Baker was there, which was when the big fish turned on. Yesterday, he had lots of company including 10 boats in the competition and at least three of the top 10 anglers. He spent most of his day trying to protect a relatively small hyacinth mat from intruders armed with flippin' sticks and big punching weights.


Today he was the first boat out, so he should have had no problem getting to his spot first and working the area he thinks will be key to a victory. It's tough to say, though, whether the spot has much left. He pulled four of his five keepers from there on Day 1 and most of his fish from there on Day 2, but his weight dropped from 29-8 to 19-6 -- still a very respectable weight, but he probably can't afford to let that total drop below that today.

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