Bama boys

For the first time in three days, Shaye Baker is not leading the Wild Card tournament. Of course, that's very unofficial, but it's got to be disappointing to his family and friends. Still, there's lot of fishing to be done.


Three of the top five anglers on BASSTrakk and four of the top eight are from Alabama. I think those guys may want this win more than anyone else simply because the Bassmaster Classic will be on Lake Guntersville, and they really like their chances there next February.


Can Baker make up whatever ground he's lost and get back on top? Of course he can. In fact, I had dinner with Patrick Pierce and Bernie Schultz last night. They finished 17th and 19th, respectively. Patrick believes that the bite in Baker's area (where he was also fishing) is getting later and later. If that trend is continuing, Baker's best bite is still to come.


Of course, the bite may be getting later for everyone. That means they all might improve later today.

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