Baker operating sleepless on Okeechobee

As you might imagine, Day One leader Shaye Baker didn't get much sleep last night. Catching 29 1/2 pounds will do that to a young guy trying to earn a Bassmaster Classic spot.


"I napped for about five minutes every 30 minutes,"  Baker said.


Day Two of the Bassmaster Classic Wild Card Tournament presented by Star Tron dawned just like Day One - cloudless, except for the hovering herd of giant mosquitoes. I think I'm going to need a blood transfusion. I'm feeling about a quart low.


Temperatures are expected to climb into the 80s again today, which should continue to warm the lake after a recent cold front.


"It's perfect," Baker said. "I think fish will just keep coming."


James Overstreet and I are going to meet our boat driver at the south end of the lake, where it seems most of the action is. I'll be updating when we're on the water.

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