Wheeler taking a romp in the park

Jacob Wheeler has moved off the main lake into the cove around Chester Frost Park, where I spent my first two days of this tournament. I never saw Wheeler in here then, but it seemed like I saw about everyone else in this 160-angler field.


Tommy Biffle caught his 8-6 big bass on Day 1 in here. Kelly Jordon caught an 8-14 in here. KJ, a  noted big bass specialist, had the misfortune to catch his on the same day Hank Cherry caught the biggest bass of the Elite Series season - a 10-11.


"You catch an 8-14 and miss big bass by 2 pounds," Jordon said.


Yep, Kelly, that don't happen very often.


Matt Herren has also caught some key fish in this area. Wheeler has spent a little time in here flipping boat docks, to no avail. It looks like he's headed out now.