KVD with at least 15 pounds

Kevin VanDam just caught keeper number five. This one is around 3 and a half or 4 pounds. KVD says that gives him 15 or 16 pounds. Jeff Kriet and Russ Lane are arguing with him that he has at least 17 pounds.


Kevin nearly lost this one. He went to boat flip the bass into the boat and instead it banged up against the side of the boat. "That's too big to boat flip," he said, loud enough for us to hear. Then he hustled down to the water and hauled the fish out of the water by hand. He's already lost two fish today, one that was sizable.


That little drama we saw on his latest fish felt personal to me. A week or two ago I tried to boat flip a 5-pounder into the boat and it came off in mid-air. Pretty impressive to see Kevin change course midstream and still be able to lip the bass before he came unbuttoned.  That's why he's KVD!