Chris & Trait to the rescue...

…of Nebo.  That's Chris Zaldain and his girlfriend, Trait Crist…and their newest addition…Nebo.  At the last tournament, the Elite event on Lake Dardanelle, Chris and Trait rented a cabin for the event.  When they came home, they would always find this dog on their porch, turns out he was abandoned by his owner, left to wander in the woods. The dog was hungry and covered in ticks so Chris and Trait took him in, fed him, cleaned him up, found the miserable SOB that just turned him loose and asked if they could keep the dog (I wouldn't have been that nice)…and yes, the jerk said, "Keep it."


They named him Nebo because that's the mountain they found him wandering around on.  Way to go Chris and Trait, and I apologize for this photo not being entirely in focus because every time I tried to get Nebo to look at the camera he would look at me, bark, and look away just as I hit the trigger button.

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