What will the weather do?

After coming to B.A.S.S. tournaments now for 35 years there's one item of clothing I've learned (the hard way) that you must always bring. That would be a rain suit. This event is a case in point. What was a 10 percent chance of rain midweek went up to 60 percent last night. Today the forecasters gave it up and made it 100 percent. All day. 

What that means for the fishing is anybody's guess. Ott DeFoe is back in his Tracker Grizzly. But he's not making the rain-pelting drive up the river. Said the only reason he's in the shallow-draft aluminum rig today is that last night he forgot to charge the batteries on his Nitro rig. 
My guess is the river and upper end will get muddy quick. Most of the heaviest rain overnight landed up there. So likely already some nasty runoff. But that might be a good thing. 
David Kilgore WANTS it to rain. Okay, we're off to find him. Stay tuned. 

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