View from the lake

From the boat of photographer James Overstreet comes the following reports.


The anglers are lamenting about the water temperature dropping 6 degrees overnight. That's no surprise, considering the cold front that came through the area. It might get worse. That's because there's a 100% chance of rain with a high temperature projected at 41 degrees. That will mean chilly runoff coming into the lake, along with the equally as chilly air temperature.


Patterns and techniques. Not surprisingly, it's a mixture of umbrella rig slinging and finessing with drop shots. More of the latter. Some Chatterbait fishing too.


 Fish are being caught. Most of the action is taking place on main lake points and along bluff walls. It all falls into the textbook category of late winter bass fishing.


Chris Lane was up all night with a stomach bug. He's trying to tough it out. A keeper in the livewell is a good start. Let's hope that helps him shake the crud.

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