So far, so good

This is funny. JO is out on the shoreline photographing Browning. I'm in our camera boat blogging. Browning is on the other side of us. We're all talking at once. Another day at the office. Do I really get paid to do this?


Only in a B.A.S.S. event.


Browning is fishing a set of boat docks. He's fishing the A-rig like you do a spinnerbait. Short, targeted pitches and casts to the dock and then winding it back. He says catch 'em here today or bust. Tomorrow at this very spot is to be an in-water dealer boat show with 100 pontoon boats. They're expecting thousands to show up. Pontoon boats. A thousand people. No thanks.


The "other" boat has vacated Browning's spot from yesterday. Looks like a classic post-spawn set-up. it's a main lake point leading into a spawning cove. We're working toward that spot now.


Weather is just right. Calm winds, overcast skies. We've seen schooling bass break all around us. Hmm ... man I'd like to be throwing a Zara Spook.

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