Saturday on the river

What a difference in the weather since this time yesterday. Yesterday at this time it was raining, the wind was calm and the temperature was in the 70s. By comparison it's sunny, the wind is out of the north and the temperature is in the 50s. There's some fog on the river.
Anyone in the top 5 could win this tournament, with only 2 pounds and ounces between leader Mark Goines and Terry Butcher.
What will be interesting to watch is how Trevor Romans' day pans out. He was plagued by mechanical problems on both of the qualifying days. I talked to him yesterday and he was forced to fish new water. And he only spent three hours on his prime spots on Thursday.
The game-changer is going to be the weather. I've written about it each day, back to the interview with Stephen Browning. The current is moving and the river is falling.

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