Kilgore slowing down to catch up

David Kilgore has decided to switch baits. He's now throwing a white swim jig. Same presentation to the docks. He also plans to backtrack and hit all of the wood he targeted with the chatterbait.


"The bait will stay in their face longer," is what he told us of the switch from the faster-moving chatterbait.


We also inquired about weather impacts. He's not at all worried. Yesterday it was partly cloudy. Today it's obviously cloudy with the rain. So cloud cover is good.


Don't know how long we plan to stay here. Like I mentioned before, there are plenty of docks to rock with the chatterbait and the swim jig.


He did say we'll end up back at his first spot near the launch site. It's a cove where a shad spawn is underway. I'm sure timing is everything in that place. It's a classic postspawn area for hungry bass needing to recharge. The area is inside a small cove that faces the channel. Best guess is the fish move up out of the channel and into the cove to feed before retreating back to the deeper area, depending on current and prevailing weather conditions.


We're still in Rabbit Branch. No more fish, and it's coming up on 8 o'clock. Hope he's not looking at his watch.

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