Howell's mystery and more

I'd just sent the last blog entry about Randy Howell and then it happened. All I can say is you've got to see this to believe it. James Overstreet won't let me tell what happened in this blog because he caught the entire sequence of events on camera. I'm sure if Robin Howell reads this she's going to be filled with suspense.


Check back for the midday photo gallery to find out what I'm trying to say.


Everybody is running around at this point. More gas getting burned than spinnerbaits on the bank.


We've seen David Walker (twice). Gerald Swindle (twice). And many others.


JO and I were just talking about what might be happening up river. It's not happening down here in the lake. We've covered the entire mid-section of the lake.


Here we go again. Don't know where but we'll see.

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