Gaining ground

David Kilgore now has four keepers in the box. The latest addition is a largemouth weighing about 4 1/2 pounds. He caught it from the corner of a boat dock on the chatterbait.


The strategy has changed a bit. He's now on a milk run of floating boat docks. Since leaving Rabbit Branch he's stopped at Clear Creek Harbor for a few hits on the boat docks.


We're now back near the launch site and the shad spawn area. He's going from one dock to the next and hitting them all with the chatterbait. He's fishing the lure in the standard spinnerbait style with a medium retrieve.


Not much else to report. But good news for Kilgore. The rain has backed off some. Not as bad as that big green and yellow blob displayed on JO's radar screen shot. But still raining.

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