DeFoe's boat

You can learn a lot from photos. We are getting a few of them every little bit from professionals and co-anglers at the Southern Open on Logan Martin.

The latest comes from Ott DeFoe, who is holding a really nice spotted bass. But the first thing I noticed was DeFoe was kneeling down in an aluminum boat. That's a change from Day One, when we saw him in his Nitro. On the Opens you can switch boats. At the Elites you can't do that.



The fact that DeFoe is in that boat opens up a lot of questions. Last week at the Alabama River, we saw a lot of guys in glass boats go through skinny areas that aluminum boats normally go and at times even fear to go.



DeFoe's aluminum seems to indicate there is some skinny water some of these guys are actually getting to, probably one of the shallow creeks that flow into the lake. I don't think there is a bunch of rocky overflow on the Coosa at the Neely Henry Dam, but I'm no expert on that fishery.



One thing we do know is the lake is dropping, something like 1-foot, since yesterday. I also understand there are other anglers running aluminum this week. If the lake continues to drop those guys could be big players in tomorrow's final, or it could drop so much that the slower rigs might turn into a handicap. Definitely worth watching in this event.