DeFoe breaks a limit

Ott DeFoe has a limit with an estimated weight of 12 pounds.


He’s now running to isolated fishing spots on the river. It’s a three-bait tactic.

  1. Crankbait: Coverage bait to quickly assess the strike zone in a particular spot.
  2. Worm: Finesse bait for a missed fish or an area that needs a more methodical presentation.
  3. Topwater: Secondary coverage bait to trigger a reaction bite.

It continues to be very overcast here with low-light conditions.


Meanwhile, down in the lake where we don’t know what’s going on ... The TVA water release schedule for today calls for one generator to run from 9-10 a.m. Two or more generators run beginning at 1 p.m.


Yesterday I posed the proverbial question about whether or not the bite turns on with the current. Got a mixed review of answers. Long-liners said “no” because they are fishing so deep. Structure anglers said “yes” because it moves their fish tighter to cover.