Classy Chad

In the weigh-in line yesterday, Chad Morgenthaler told me how he was just a little off on his rotation, having arrived to one of the Day 1 hot spots a little late. Several anglers, including Brandon McMillan, were already fishing an area Chad had planned to fish. Once Chad saw McMillan weigh a good bag in front of him in the line, he was really kicking himself. So I asked, are you going to beat the crowd there tomorrow?


"Wouldn't dare. I wouldn't do that to Brandon."


Chad's year is set. He already won the Toho Open to start the season off with a Classic berth and he's settle into the Elite Series where he's a threat to win at any point. He knows what McMillan has at stake. He knows catching just one 4-pounder that McMillan might have otherwise caught could cost McMillan an Elite Series and Bassmaster Classic berth, two accomplishments capable of launching a full-time fishing career. And honestly, Chad would have probably conceded just as much to nearly anyone out here. He's a classy dude.


Just now while following McMillan to his next spot, we pull up to find Chad a few hundred yards up the grass line. Chad promptly pulled his trolingmotor and started easing out. A wave towards McMillan and a salute from McMillan in Chad's direction. Not a word was spoken, but a lot was said.