Cherry, Williams in same pocket

There's a lot of bass fishing talent in this one little dock-filled pocket in Hagar Creek. Leader David Williams and Elite Series angler Hank Cherry are working docks on opposite sides of the pocket. They both live in Maiden, N.C., which is just a few miles from Lake Norman.
Williams just now moved on. We're going to follow Cherry for a while. He was convinced he'd found a potential tournament-winning pattern during the final two hours of Day 2.
It's a fall phenomenon that has to do more with lake level than weather, which is why he thinks it will hold up today, even though Cherry caught his fish in the rain Friday.
Cherry doesn't have a "keeper" yet. He said he caught a 2-plus-pounder earlier but let it go.
"They've all got to be 3s today," Cherry said.
Cherry is one of the guys trying to grab a Bassmaster Classic spot today. He had an uncharacteristically tough Elite Series season. Cherry almost won in his first-ever Classic two years ago at Oklahoma's Grand Lake.
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