Browning, Combs with limits

Joining current leader Gerald Spohrer with a limit is second-place angler Stephen Browning and Keith Combs, the last man in the top 12. Combs says his limit weighs 13 pounds.


Here's the setup. Browning and Combs are fishing near the Red River South Marina, casting what look like square-bill crankbaits. Targets are areas of isolated wood along the channel.


This all makes sense after Browning tells us a shad spawn occurs early in the morning. That's why he's here. And so are the bass.


Browning thinks he's got 11 pounds in the boat. Recall what he told me in the article I wrote two days ago for He said this river is loaded with like-sized fish. He's fishing every cast as if it will be the connection for that one kicker fish that will make the difference. That, he says, is the big key to fishing this river.