Bouncing about in Mountain Creek

You don't have to go far in Mountain Creek to find a Southern Open finalist. Andy Montgomery is doing some running and gunning from dock to dock, where we've seen him throw a buzzbait some, but he's mostly fishing a jig. Montgomery said he burned 34 gallons of gas yesterday, which is a lot for this lake.
We've moved to Chad Morgenthaler again. He's got two keepers now. He's throwing a variety of baits, including a crankbait and a Texas-rigged soft plastic of some sort. He's still picking up the white buzzbait on occasion.
Basically, Morgenthaler is flipping docks and throwing moving baits in between the docks. He started the day in third place, 2-11 behind David Williams. In the past two days, Morgenthaler's fish catches have been spread pretty evenly throughout the day. He appears locked-in for another long grind.