Thanks for the memories

Day 3 is well underway and the memory of Jon Stewart singing the national anthem will resonate in our ears for weeks to come. In our opinion, no one does a better job.


The competition during this event has been tremendous and there is a lot of pacing and nail biting going on as we wait for the weigh in at 2 p.m. today.  We can all hope that the results are what we would like to be and you can see them by going to The focus is always on the anglers and fish at these events, and we forget that it takes a lot of people to create the opportunity for the memories.  It is understood that our national and state sponsors will be recognized all year round.  The special sponsors who step up for the regional events deserve recognition as well.  The town of Clarksville, Chamber of Commerce and CEDA have made this community fishing friendly and the Lamplighter Restaurant has gone way beyond expectations to accommodate us.  They deserve a huge thank you as I know added staff was necessary.  Mary Willis, Sheila Cuykendall, and Leslie Wood are all to be commended.


We cannot forget that the B.A.S.S. Nation staff has to volunteer for the entire week after they have already planned for this event for over a year.  To make a regional event happen requires hundreds of volunteer hours and by Day 3 they are exhausted.  Mike Bryant and Pam Bryant not only had to coordinate a lot of the event, they also had to arrange for food, shelter and other activities for the team and  other volunteers.  We can also count on Steve Woodroof, VP; Ed Clayton; region 10 director; Bruce Shepherd; and numerous others for help at the event.


We also forget to let the B.A.S.S. staff know that we appreciate the fact that they had to travel and leave their families at home.  They do this for a living but we want them to know that we recognize that it is a very stressful job.


My job has been relatively easy this week in that I only had to try to keep the blog updated and to keep our new generation of technology sophisticated individuals from getting bored. The biggest challenge has been to avoid misspelling words and fracturing the English language in the haste that is necessary to keep up the speed in a world that uses texting, Tweeting, Facebook and cloud computing for communication. Thanks for the memories.


Update by Joan Blakenship.

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