A "small" advantage

A handful of anglers at the BNC are fishing in small aluminum boats, which makes it easier to get back into shallow water.


John Proctor, Albert Collins and Jamie Laiche, in ninth, second and first place, respectively, all chose to navigate the stump-filled bayous of the Ouachita River in smaller boats.


Before weigh-in Friday, Proctor, who represents South Carolina, said he planned ahead of time to bring his aluminum boat with him.


"I knew enough about the place that I knew getting into the tough places would be helpful," he said.


Proctor said he came here before the cutoff to practice on the Ouachita River and brought his aluminum boat with him.


"I really felt I needed it to get back in there, and I'm definitely still happy with the place I went yesterday and where I plan to go tomorrow," he said on Day 2.


"I think I made the right decision."


While Proctor sits in ninth place after Day 2, he is first in the Southern Division.


We will see during weigh-in at 2:30 CT if Proctor, Collins and Laiche made the right call.


Photo by Thomas Allen