A slow start

So far this morning, we're seeing a whole lot of nothing. It's pretty chilly this on Dardanelle as the Fall is officially falling. As of 9 AM we've climbed up to 50 degrees with the high projected to hit 65 before plummeting tonight back to 40.


According to my boat driver Harvey Horne, the fall turnover that usually puts the fish in a funk has come and gone this year. The lake is fishing tough but he has heard from a few locals of bags in the mod 20's as recently as yesterday. But those individuals were doing something extremely specific.


We should see the bite pick up as the day warms. Typically this time of year the bite starts around 10 AM and gets better and better until the last magical hour before weigh-in. Likely a few anglers caught fish during the first 30 minutes of the morning, but now he majority of the field is working through the morning lull.

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