Parenting and preparing for the Championship

I arrived in Russellville today following a 15 hour drive from coastal South Carolina.  Needless to say, I was very happy to get off the road. Because of a recent addition to my family, I've spent much more time preparing for the life change of being a parent than I have in preparation for this tournament. So I spent the afternoon rigging rods, re-lining reels, prepping tackle, and organizing my boat for the  upcoming week of fishing.


While working on tackle in the parking lot, I met a few of my competitors and enjoyed getting to know a little about them. Also, Don Barone walked over and chatted with me for a few minutes, and welcomed me to the event. It was nice meeting him as I've enjoyed reading his column for a long time.


I'm very excited about the week ahead and can't wait to get out on the water. I've made two trips out here earlier in the year and feel pretty comfortable getting around the lake. The lake seems to have a good population of fish and is very diverse. You can fish however you prefer to fish. There is grass, rocks, pads, and plenty of wood.  It should be a fantastic tournament. I wanna give a big thanks to my wife and family back home who are taking care of things while I'm fishing.  Also a big thanks to my bass club, the Conway Bassmasters for all their support!!!


Our recent addition and future fisherwoman!  Kinley Knox

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