One-liners from the Nation

Even after a long day on the water, our B.A.S.S. Nation anglers can dig down deep and find something funny to say. Here are just some of the ones from the last couple of days:


Jack Barber, PVA, after posting zero bass:
"I tried throwing stuff they liked, and they didn't like that. Then, I threw stuff I thought they didn't like, and they didn't like that, either!"


Robert Williamson, Maine, after a small catch:

"My wife told me yesterday that today, I should just do everything opposite I did on Day 1. I said I'm not George Costanza! But I did do everything opposite, and it didn't work either."


Kyle Glasgow, Alabama, referring to the LSU/Alabama game tonight:

"I hope Alabama plays better than I'm fishing."


Wayne Black, Florida, about his Day 1 catch:

"They ain't as big as the bait I use. We use shiners bigger than them on the St. Johns."


Stephen Pike, Nevada, about his lost fish:

"I kept letting 'em come up to the boat and say hi and bye."


Brad Durden, Georgia:
"I'd be doing better if I didn't dump 3-pounders at the boat."


Brent Shores, Idaho, on his birthday, with a 7-pound catch:

"I turned 48 today. I don't look it. I don't feel it. [Crowd laughs.] Why are you laughing? Come on, I've only got 7 pounds, I'm 48 years old and now I'm feeling insecure!"