JWC angler Yates has about 10 pounds

Trevor Yates of the Central Division has a limit that weighs an estimated 9 to 10 pounds. It's been a few hours since I checked in with some of the other boats, but he may be in the driver's seat of the 15-18 age group at this point in the day. His fish came on a crankbait and buzzbait on the main river as well as a small backwater midway down the pool. His big fish is a 2.5-pound spotted bass that inhaled the black buzzbait right at the boat. His Central Division partner, Remington Wagner, has two fish. They're in a tucked away backwater area, which are few and far between on this particular pool.

Short note on the weather: Wind was nonexistent this morning but has now increased out of the north with an approaching cold front. After partly cloudy skies throughout the day, it looks like the rest of the day will be mostly cloudy. This could bode well for Trevor Yates and his buzzbait.

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