Juniors practice

The Bassmaster Junior World Championship contenders are practicing on the Arkansas River this morning. They'll be competing tomorrow on this same stretch of river, a pool that's just below the dam that creates Lake Dardanelle, where B.A.S.S. Nation competition is taking place. I've checked in on three boats so far today, all of which are fishing in the first two miles below the dam, presumably to take advantage of the small amount of current created by a hydroelectric plant at the dam.


Ryan Wood, representing the Western Division in the 11-14 age group, just landed a nice fish in the 3-pound range. On the very next cast, though, Wood's crankbait went sailing onto the bank. Not good. But that's why you try to work out any issues during practice.


The water temperature is 67 degrees this morning, and the air temperature is starting to warm up, as well. It was a chilly 35 degrees at takeoff.

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