Hungry Hank and the arm of candy

Larry Triplett wore candy on his arm up to the stage on Day 1 of the championship. The quick backstory is that his wife, Audrey McKenney, thoroughly enjoyed this line in the contenders gallery:


"Larry Triplett of Colorado may be the husband of the Colorado B.A.S.S. Nation president, Audrey McKenney, but he's not just arm candy. Triplett has been at this fishing thing for a while now, and this is his second trip to the championship."


So, McKenney put a "sleeve" of candy on Triplett to wear up on stage while he weighed in.


Hank Weldon, weighmaster of the event, had been standing up on stage for a while, and those Baby Ruths looked pretty good. He stripped the candy off Triplett, immediately ate one of the candy bars before Triplett even knew what was happening, and then threw other bars to fans in the crowd.


"I was hungry," said Weldon later.


On Day 2, a couple of anglers brought candy on stage for Weldon. Who knows? We might see even more today during the final weigh-in!