The hippos can be a problem

"The hippos can be a problem" was an actual line used on the weigh-in stage yesterday.


Kieron Samkin was explaining how fishing at his home in South Africa is different than fishing the Ouachita River.


"Do you have lions and elephants wandering around your lakes?" asked Jon Stewart, B.A.S.S. Nation director.


"No, not really lions and elephants, but the hippos can be a problem," replied Samkin, like it was no big deal. He mentioned something about tossing a crankbait toward a hippo once, but it seemed more like he only said that to get Stewart's reaction.


"If a hippo's in the lake, you better get outta there," Samkin added.


Other than that, everything over there is pretty normal, sounds like. Except for the leopards that roam the neighborhoods.