Cold taking its toll

The extra day of cold is taking its toll this morning. This time yesterday, everyone we talked to had at least one or two fish. Today: nothing, nada, zilch.

The low dropped about 10 more degrees last night down to 35. This time of year that can really stymy shallow bass early in the mornings. But the day is not lost just because of a cold night. As the water warms the fish will start eating. The only question is will they eat early enough for the anglers to catch them before they have to head on to weighin?

We saw a few 15-17 lb bags yesterday and I think we'll see a few more today, but from who? More than likely only one of the top 5 will have a repeat performance and in doing so will separate himself from the pack by a couple of pounds.

For now it's a waiting game for all of us.

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