Advice followed

Randy Howell has chosen to follow the advice of the UT bass team. He's starting the second-half of the BASS Brawl in the Holston River. He and Walker are working their way up from a railroad bridge where they were briefly in the first hour.

They're flipping their way up a riprap bank. Now Howell switches to a square-billed crankbait. Positioned at the front of his boat now, he's got an advantage in being able to make a long cast and bring it down the riprap. Walker switches to a square-bill for a couple of casts, then switches to a spinnerbait as they approach a small creek mouth.
Howell trolls into the creek mouth and picks up a flipping stick. Then he moves back out of the creek to move further up the riprap bank, and goes back to the square-bill. And he scores with a tiny bass. 
"I don't know if this one will even weigh," he says as he puts it on the scales. "Point three-nine."
That .39-ounce bass is worth 17 points right now - as the first, the biggest, 7 points each, and as one bass, worth 3 points. Those 7 points for biggest bass could go away quickly, but 10 points will stay on the scoreboard for Howell.
Walker followed with a gizzard shad that weighed about as much as Howell's bass, but gizzard shad don't count in this derby.
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