Ledoux makes a bold move

Kevin Ledoux has stayed in a big bay near the Johnstown Bridge the first three days of the tournament. Make that 3 1/2. But he thinks all the smallmouth that he and Bill Lowen caught there this week have finally taken a toll.


Every day this week he's also mentioned this place he found "some giants" in practice, but hasn't felt the need to go to again. Today he felt the need, and he's on the move. This will considerably cut into his fishing time, as he said it's another 30 minutes up the St. Lawrence River from the Johnstown Bridge.


But he desperately needs to upgrade the less-than-13-pound limit he's got now, if he wants to catch Edwin Evers, who started the day with a 3-13 lead on Ledoux and has expanded it by a few pounds. Ledoux clinched his first ever Elite Series top 12 cut yesterday.


It's time to swing for the fences.