Card, Combs making moves

The fireworks started after a midday lull at 1 p.m. Saturday. The same appears to be happening today. Keith Combs now has that magic number 20-pound-bag today, and BASSTrakk shows him in second place, 2-11 behind Evers. Brandon Card, who has been concentrating on largemouth bass, primarily with a frog all week, has just upgraded to 17-2 for the day and is 3-9 back of Evers.


But the problem for Combs and Card is where they started the day, especially Combs, who was the last man in the 12 cut. He was 6-13 behind Evers to start the day. If Evers doesn't upgrade his 16-pound limit a single ounce the rest of the way, Combs still has to cull up almost 3 pounds to surpass him. Card's in considerably better shape, having started the day "only" 4-11 behind Evers. With a 17-pound limit so far today, Card has a little more room to upgrade than Combs.


Evers found some magic late in the day yesterday as well. He's still got two small ones in his limit. He's definitely still in the driver's seat. But he's feeling some heat.