Weights on pace

If Justin Lucas' current estimated leading weight of 82 pounds, 3 ounces holds, the average daily weight will be 20 1/2 pounds, give or take, right in line with other four-day Bassmaster tournaments held in the Delta.


Aaron Martens won the 2007 Elite event here with 85-12 and an average daily catch of 21.4 pounds. John Crews averaged 18 pounds a day in his winning weight of 72-6 in 2010. In April tournaments between 1999 and 2003, winning weights ranged from 18.6 pounds per day to 23. Put another way, you’d better be gunning for bass averaging 4 1/2 pounds if you hope to win a spring Elite in these waters.


Notably, anglers in this week's Sacramento Bassmaster Elite at the Sacramento River have about one hour less to fish the Delta than in previous visits.