Two-man race

It seems as though this has turned into a two-man race for the time being. With a three-pound lead on Aaron Martens going into the final day, Justin Lucas was in the driver seat with some breathing room, but not a whole lot.
Behind Martens was Chris Zaldain, but it was another three-pound gap from Martens to Zaldain. On the Delta that isn't a big fish at all, and that was supposed to keep things interesting today.
Today has been tough on Zaldain as he has a small limit in the boat, but he has jumped off a couple very good fish that are needed on the final day. With his struggles and solid 15-pound limits by Lucas and Martens, the margin from second to third is now at 8 pounds.
Lucas has matched Martens so far and holds a 2- to 3-pound lead, but Martens' smallest fish is probably smaller than Lucas'. If Martens catches a 4- to 5-pounder he can cull up more than Lucas, and certainly close that gap.
It's getting a little antsy as the time winds down on Championship Sunday. People always say it's anyones game, but today it really is in the hands of Lucas and Martens.
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