A two-bag limit

Skeet Reese just boated his fourth keeper, probably a little over a pound in weight. That should give him between 14 and 15 pounds. Regulations here require that tournament anglers bag any fish heavier than 5 pounds in a separate weigh-in bag, so Reese already will need two bags for his catch, counting that 8-pounder he boated earlier. If others are catching similarly big bass, we may run out of weigh-in bags this afternoon.


The tide is still too high for optimum fishing, so we expect Reese to add significantly to his weight before this is all over. It's not a stretch to think that he and others will have 25-pound limits today. I'm betting someone will be joining the "Century Club" this week. That's a distinction earned by anyone with a tournament weight exceeding 100 pounds. I'm hoping it happens, anyway