Rojas with a 5

Dean Rojas just boated a 5-pounder and that basically cuts his deficit to Lucas in half from what it was. He is now one great big bite from being in the hunt.


Seven-pound deficits are not easy to overcome in any event, but here that is a lot easier than other places. The amount of fish over 7 pounds is probably gaudy if we actually knew. Rojas still has some small fish in the livewell and a 6-pounder or 7-pounder would basically be adding to his weight, the cull would be very impactful.


This last 30 minutes before these guys run in to weigh their fish will be important. After catching a lot of small fish all day yesterday, Kevin VanDam boated a 5+pounder at the last moment and almost snuck into the cut, finishing 13th.


Could the same be done today?