Boats congregating

We've left Reese and moved to the lee side of this big bay, where the shallows should be relatively undisturbed by the building wind. A clot of tournament boats is congregated here, including Jonathon VanDam, J Todd Tucker and Cliff Pirch. Aaron Martens motored away as we pulled up. Nobody seems to be doing much at the moment.


Pirch, who is third according to BASSTrakk, is Power-Poled down, must have a big bass in his sights. He is repeatedly pitching a light-colored plastic bait to the same spots, soaking it for five seconds and reeling in for another pitch. 


On the umpteenth pitch the fish finally bit. It appeared to be about 2 1/2 pounds. He compared it to one in the livewell of identical size and tossed one of them back. It didn't appear to help him. Apparently that was the fish he was trying to catch, for he has decided to move on down the bank.