Big fish timing

From 10:15 to 11:15 this morning, some big fish were caught from the Delta.


This morning was full of 2- to 3-pound fish, but only one over 5 pounds, which was Aaron Martens' 7-6 beast. But in that hour time period, Cliff Pirch caught a 7-pounder and a 5 1/2. Meanwhile Tim Horton caught a 7-pounder as well. That hour was the first good window of opportunity on Championship Sunday.


It will be interesting when the next window of opportunity is.


Right now Chris Zaldain is looking at two bed fish on the same bed. Both will help and he said that if he caught both that it would be about 15 pounds' worth. He already hooked the male and it came unbuttoned at the boat.

Justin Lucas just said on Bassmaster LIVE that he saw a 3-pound male on a bed and that a big female swam off. It's heating up on the Delta right now.
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