The action commences.

Takeoff plus 90 minutes, and Elite contenders are blasting through the reedlines into one of the more popular areas of the Delta among local fishermen. It’s well known as a bedding area. Our boat driver, Norm Soderberg of Galt, Calif., says this is one of the favorite areas of Dee Thomas, the legendary father of the flippin’ technique.


Of the half-dozen pros within sight, J Todd Tucker is the only one we’ve seen boat a fish. His was a solid keeper and a good way to start the day.


The sun is still too low on the horizon for good sight fishing. It appears most of the fishermen are pitching to holes in the grass. Staking claims on portions of the weedlines are Aaron Martins, Clifford Pirch, Terry Scroggins, Johnathon VanDam, Takahiro Omori and Tucker. Others could be working a few hidden coves off the main bay.


We’re enjoying chamber of commerce weather with clear skies and light winds, just enough to disturb the surface and put bedding bass at ease. We’re about two-thirds of the way through the tide cycle toward low tide, which is 3 feet below the high tide. The low here will be about 11 a.m., and that’s when the beds will be easiest to spot, Soderberg said.