McClelland has comeback history

If Mike McClelland were to come back and win this tournament after starting the day 6-11 behind Chris Lane, it wouldn't be the first time in his career that he has staged an unlikely rally.


In 2008 on the Harris Chain of Lakes, McClelland came from almost 10 pounds behind to beat Brian Snowden on the final day. As will be the case if a comeback happens today, McClelland needed some help. After catching 54 pounds the first three days, Snowden zeroed on Day 4 after a cold front moved in overnight.


But to close this one out, McClelland still has some work to do, and it won't be done with a lure in the water. He is making a 114- to 120-mile run across Galveston Bay. The distance depends on where he quit fishing. He said yesterday that he's been burning 72 to 75 gallons of gas per day in making that run, and Saturday's was closer to 80 gallons because of some rough water.


The rough water cost Jeff Kriet yesterday. A battery strap broke in the 3- and 4-foot waves, forcing him to come across Galveston Bay with no electronics. Kriet missed his check-in time by 20 minutes, leaving him with zero weight for the day.


"I had three good ones," Kriet said yesterday. "I just threw them back. They were still alive, but I don't know how."


Kriet looked barely alive himself. He was shivering from the cold, wet ride back to Orange.