New leader atop BASSTrakk

I just peeked at BassTrakk while I was running around in a frenzy and I saw that Mike McClelland had a limit of 12 pounds and was on top of the leaderboard by just a few ounces over Aaron Martens. Martens has four fish and it is close right now. If Martens gets number 5 then it could be his event to win/lose.


McClelland has done all that he could have probably hoped for. 12 pounds is a good bag on the Sabine right now.


Also, worth noting that Chris Lane, who has led all three days of the event so far, only has two fish unofficially. If he was to go through a flurry of fish catches somewhere then that could close that 2 1/2 pound deficit quickly.


Mike McClelland has been making a huge run this week and normally he has running partners with Jeff Kriet and Jared Lintner, but today he is alone. With how rough Galveston Bay can be, he is giving himself just a few minutes of extra time to get back. He has to fill up twice I believe and that delays his return as well.


It is always a sketchy thing to make that long of a run with so many variables out of his hands. We will see how it goes for McClelland, but unofficially the rest of the field, especially Aaron Martens, has an hour and change to make up ground on McClelland.