Dedicated spectators

Todd Faircloth had one spectator boat follow him around for the entire morning. Pretty impressive because it was no easy feat to get where Faircloth is fishing. After staying with us through the early shift the fan cranked up and left around 12:30.


Thankfully the winds have died down and the sun has come out, so other than the pleasure boaters on Lake St. Clair's Michigan side, his journey home should be smooth sailing.


Compared to fisheries like Kentucky Lake and Lake Guntersville, the spectators in the more challenging areas on Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron are fewer in numbers, but they've proven to be a dedicated bunch.


On these bodies of water packed with sailboats, giant steamers, patrol craft, fishing boats of all shapes and sizes, jet skis and pontoons, cranking up the bass boat and spending the day dodging traffic to see the Elites shows bass fishing has serious fans.