Why do we say BASSTrakk is unofficial?

We say BASSTrakk tabulations are unofficial, and they are, but they're pretty close.


You can see when a Marshal scores an angler's fish a 3-pounder,  and it's really a 3 and half, well multiply by five and carry the aught, and that's a 2-and-half-pound discrepancy at the end of the day.


That occasionally happens, but many times the estimated BASSTrakk weights are spot on, within ounces of the actual weight. Now there are issues with cell service and human error inputting the weights, but all in all, it's a great way to follow each event.


On Day 3, Takahiro Omori's weight was estimated at 20 pounds, 12 ounces, but he actually weighed in 20-0. Pretty close, considering he had one huge fish that lends itself to a bigger margin of error. And fish are known to lose some weight in the livewell, so each fish entered could have been exact.


Clifford Pirch started Day 3 with a 6-pound lead and at the end of the day BASSTrakk had him still leading by ounces, again correct.


Now, there's been more than a few times when the Marshal who punches in the weight of the catch on the official BASSTrakk device has "big-eyed" them, meaning he's added more than a few ounces to his estimation.


When asked, most of the anglers will do a bit of downsizing. If they catch a 4-pounder, they might answer their Marshal's query with "3 and a half." Most don't want fans following to get overexcited.


So, all in all, the estimated weights are relatively close, but still totally unofficial.
There seems to be more problems with the locator devices in the BASSTrakk, especially here at the Lake Havasu event. Usually, the viewing audience can pinpoint where each angler is fishing, and if in a boat, go out and find them.


If you look right now, it appears Omori is fishing the Golden Corral. Seconds ago, it appeared he was further inland, possibly fishing the backyard pool of a residence on Palo Verde Blvd. It does show Pirch and most of the other anglers' locales to be exact.
So, there are some glitches, but BASSTrakk continues to be a popular and valuable way to follow the action. It's just unofficial.