Pirch throwing back keepers

Pirch has worked his way down from the ramp a bit, although the rumble of motors is still rocking in the background. After a long lull, Pirch just set the hook again.


He played the bass gingerly toward the boat so it was hard to tell what size it was. At the last minute, Pirch decided to swing it into the boat — a keeper but probably around 2 pounds or a little less.


Without much hesitation, Pirch threw that fish right back into the lake. Now remember, Pirch still has only four fish, so either that one or one he caught and released earlier would have filled his limit. But he doesn't want to risk having a little one die on him and is counting on being able to catch another nice fish before the day is out. It's a risk we've seen anglers take before and with so much time left to fish, likely not a bad strategy. Still, it's a risk, especially for the tournament leader.