Pirch tells LIVE his fish have gone deep

In the first days on Lake Havasu, Clifford Pirch took the lead by pulling fish off the abundant artificial habitat that was in 7 to 12 feet of water.


Now his fish have gone into the 15- to 20-foot range, where there is still tons of the structures that cover 875 acres of the lake floor.


Pirch told Zona the fish have gone deeper as the tournament has gone along. "And a lot of these fish were directly inside these boxes. That's why you see some of them break off," Zona said on LIVE. "The mussels in the lake, they are like razor blades."


Edwin Evers knows this all too well. He's lost key fish, the game-changing type of 5-pounders he would need to win.


"Every day we have seen Edwin lose one good one," Zona said. "So far this morning, Edwin has lost three quality fish."