Fish take their orders from Evers

Lane became tired of not getting bit, stowed his trolling motor and declared his intentions to head north. We spot Edwin Evers a couple hundred yards away and motor to him. Not 30 seconds after we arrive, he sets the hook hard. The bass comes to the surface and is pinned against a tule, "Get outta there!" Evers yells, and the fish follows orders. Evers swings the fish in the boat. "It's a brown one!" he declares.


The 3-pound smallie culls a small largemouth from his box and gives him about 14 pounds, he thinks. As Evers rounds the point of tules, he runs into James Niggemeyer.


"I've caught a limit since we last talked," Evers says. "I've caught four ... And one really good one," Niggemeyer responds. I find it interesting that Lane was fishing stuff that is seemingly the same as these two competitors, and hadn't had a bite in the past hour. These two have caught nine keepers between them in the same time frame.