Current a big player every day for Evers

Evers is up the Colorado River focusing on a slopping flat that has trees and brush scattered down to about 12 feet of water.

On first glance, this is one of the few places where he's not been in or close to the current of the river.

Out to his east is the river and the flowing river. We are about 100 yards in a pocket. And current is still a factor. Judging by the lay of the land, he's actually on the sweep of a big eddy, where when the river is really flowing, it washes debris into the standing trees and makes for a good stopping off point for fish in transition from spawn to postspawn.

As the day heats up, and it seems to be warming faster than normal, then the main river current and the seams it creates around the tules and debris there will likely start playing a bigger role.

We watched Evers and Lane the last two days and each of them had excellent midday to late-day action, all of it current related.

If the heat gets here quicker, then those good periods could be more sustained.

The good thing for Evers, even those he's already lost three key fish, is he has the river mostly to himself.